Entrepreneurship is a difficult process.


We are an experienced web development team that helps startups and small businesses focus on what really matters.

Once you start working on your business idea, Things can get overwhelming fast
If product development is one of those things you constantly worry about, we got you covered! We are a small web development team that can implement that fantastic idea you've been pondering about.

We work iterating fast and often so your product can grow to that sweet spot of solving a problem for your customers that they actually want to pay for.

We know we can do it, because we did it before
For the last several years, our developers worked exclusively with small businesses and startups, operating both as part of the team and as contractors.
It is that experience and that knowledge, we want to offer to you.

Let CroCoder lighten the load by implementing your idea, so you can focus on things only you can do for your business.

How we work

Your Remote Team

It does not matter where you are located in the world - what matters is that we are part of your team now. We have taken care to have the right setup and equipment to get the job done. And remember, we are only one click away!

Pride In Transparency

It’s important for us that you are always in the loop about what’s going on. We keep meetings to a minimum but do insist on them as we want you to understand what we are working on and what you are paying for.

Focus On You

We are a small team and as such focus solely on you. We are extremely adaptable and want you to thrive. We feel we are invested in every business we’ve had a pleasure to work with so it’s very important for us that you succeed.

Our Work Process

In software development, there are a lot of ways you can deal with the lifecycle of a product. When working on projects that validate an idea, it’s important to validate the essence of a product as soon as possible. Everything else can be added later if the initial proposal works. We are here to make sure plans stay realistic, within budget and that they get executed - fast.
In the definition part of the process, we try to create strict boundaries around the essence of the product. It’s also a part where you, as a client, are maximally involved. We use this part in the process to find out what you want to build and give you an outline on how we see your idea coming to life.

Our Services

We help you define the minimal scope for your product and outline how we intend to build it. Once we agree on the scope, timeline and tools, we can set a fixed price so you don’t have to worry about additional costs.

When building MVPs, we offer up to three months of development. We make sure our scope is realistic so we don’t take more than that.

Our offer includes UI/UX definition and design, frontend and backend implementation, infrastructure setup, scope analyzing and planning, and software project management. Additional services available on request.
CroCoder helps you solve real world problems.
Feature Implementation
We help you with a single small implementation unit on existing solutions.

This implementation has a fixed development time and must be deliverable in up to a month.

This type of cooperation is useful when you have an existing solution but your team might not have the time to implement a feature or a set of features.
Or you might not have a team at all.
We become advisors and/or maintainers for a fixed time and a fixed rate.

We might do one of the following:
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Research and present technical options with their pros and cons
  • Implement larger features that include several months of development
  • Organize and implement web developer education and training for in-house team
  • Custom software development
CroCoder helps you focus on your core business.

We can do it - together!
Whether you need an MVP, a completely custom software or just some short-term help implementing a solution that will enhance your business - let us know!